Helping parents find the best baby gear.
Helping parents find the best baby gear.
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You'll never believe how easy - and healthy - and cheap! it is to make your own baby food!  With the Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit you will learn how to quickly and easily make healthy baby food for your little one.  Wouldn't you rather know what's in your baby's food - and know where it came from?  This kit tells you exactly what you should be making for your baby and what age.  And believe me, it tastes sooo much better than jarred baby food.  Both my children and I can attest to that (of course I tried all the baby food I made for them!)!!!!

Okay, so it's one thing to feed a baby new foods, but getting your toddler to try new foods is a whole other story!  We know what it's like to have a picky toddler, so when we learned about So Easy Toddler Cookbook (from the same company, So Easy, that taught us how to make our own baby food!), we knew we just had to try it!  This cookbook helps toddlers to expand their palates to try, and even like, new foods!  And the corresponding plate helps parents know how much of each food group is appropriate for those little tummies.   
Kidsme Food Feeder
What's better than fresh fruit?  A safe way to feed your baby fresh fruit!  With the Kidsme Food Feeder, you can now feed your baby farm-fresh fruits and vegetables without having to puree or worry about choking hazards.  Simply put the food of choice (fruit, veggies, meat?!) into the silicone sac and shut the snap lock. Your child can chew and suck to their heart's content.  Plus, the Kidsme Food Feeder is BPA-free and FDA tested.  There are several versions of this product, depending on your child's age, so be sure to choose the one that's right for your baby.   

For new parents looking for a newborn starter set, these Playtex Drop-In Liner Bottles can't be beat.  This is the only bottle that has a unique, BPA-free liner system that reduces colic, mimic breastfeeding, increases milk consumption, reduces fussing, is designed for easy switching (thanks to those BPA-free liners!), promotes semi-upright feedings, and includes easy preparation and pre-sterilized liners.  Along with bottles, nipples, and liners, this set also includes breast milk storage kit to allow mom to pump, store, and feed all in the same liner. 

Although plastic is not our top choice in dinnerware, with kids, there is definitely a need at times!  So, these colorful Nuk Gerber BPA-Free Bowls and Lids are our pick for an inexpensive and safe alternative for carrying snacks on the go.  The bowls fit inside each other for compact storage and the lids provide a tight closure to prevent that apple sauce from spilling out!  Although the manufacturer deems these bowls microwave safe, we never recommend microwaving anything plastic.  All in all, these are a nice choice for non-breakable bowls for little ones.