Helping parents find the best baby gear.
Helping parents find the best baby gear.
5 stars

Description:  Backed by one of the most trusted names in baby gear, the Graco Pack 'n Play with Bassinet and Changer is a top-quality product!  This Pack 'n Play features a removable full-size bassinet for infants, a changing table, and a full-sized play yard perfect for older babies.  The push-button fold, the wheels, and the carrying back all make storing and transporting your Graco Pack 'n Play a breeze.
This pack 'n play playard comes with a full size bassinet with comfy quilted bumper pad and mattress pad - a great place for infants up to 15 pounds to nap.  Your little one will also keep himself entertained as he watches the soft, detachable toys hanging from the included mobile. The changing station supports babies up to 25 pounds. And the parent organizer holds many of your diaper changing essentials. A convenient travel bag is also included.  

Graco Pack n Play with Bassinet and Changer
Why we like it:  What more could we ask for in a product?  The Grack Pack 'n Play with Bassinet and Changer has everything!  This is a very nice piece of baby gear to have, especially in those early days of infancy.  The Graco Pack 'n Play is perfect for those of us with not a lot of space in our homes…and those of us with plenty of space in our homes.  What do we mean?  Let us explain:

Small homes:  Since this Pack 'n Play has so many different, convertible features, you could really get away with having this - and only this - piece of baby gear in your home for the first few months!  As a newborn, Baby could sleep in the bassinet, then later, in the playard itself for twice the room.  There is also a nice changer, along with a parent organizer to keep diapers, wipes, and diaper cream close at hand.  Of course, the playard is nice for when Baby is starting to get more mobile and you need to safely get dinner in the oven!

Large homes:  If you've got a large home, perhaps with multiple floors, it's nice to have a Pack 'n Play on the main level of the house.  This way, you don't have to keep bringing Baby back up to his nursery every time you think he might take a nap…then have to keep running back up those stairs each time you realize that, sadly, no, he's still not napping!  (hee hee)  We kept our Graco Pack 'n Play in the living room while our children were babies and used it as a napping spot and changing station during those first few months.  It was nice to have Baby close by so we could easily peek in at them snoozing or playing!

Things we wish were different:  I don't know how this could be remedied, but as we've found with all playard changers, they're a bit too low for our comfort.  We didn't think it was a big deal at first, but after you've changed your 10th diaper of the day (and it's only 9 am), your back will start to feel it when you're hunched over so much.  We did eventually buy a full, standard changing table which made diaper time much easier on us.  Overall though, we think the Grack Pack 'n Play with Bassinet and Changer is a 5 star product!

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