Helping parents find the best baby gear.
Helping parents find the best baby gear.
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Car Seat Safety - Is Your Car Seat As Safe As You Think?
You do it almost every day. You buckle your child into their car seat and off you go, assuming they are safe for the ride. But are they as safe as you think? If it came down to it - if you and your child were in an accident - would your child be as safe and protected as possible?   
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Britax Roundabout Car Seat Has More Features Than You May Think
As researchers of baby gear, and as parents of young children ourselves, my husband and I are often asked which car seats we recommend most. After having done the groundwork by reviewing numerous different types, makes, and models, our response always includes the Britax Roundabout. 
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Double Stroller Options - I Have Two Young Kids! Now What?
Halfway through my pregnancy with our second child, my husband and I started thinking about the logistics of our baby gear situation. By the time Baby Ashley would be born, our two year old son, Nate, would be ready to give up the crib and move into a toddler bed. He was also ready to give up the high chair and start using a booster seat; but what about the stroller? As an older toddler, Nate was certainly capable of walking, but wouldn't it be nice to have the option of pushing both kids together?   
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SIP Car Seat - What Does That Mean?
There are so many things to research when deciding to buy a car seat for a new baby; why must we practically learn a new language to do so? To understand all the ins and outs of the features of baby seats and what the terminology means can take time and sometimes extensive research. Let me help you out a bit by explaining the SIP feature often found in today's infant and toddler seats.   
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EPS and EPP Foam in Car Seats - What Does That Mean?
In searching for a new car seat, you often encounter terminology that you may not understand. What is this EPS and EPP foam the car seat manufacturer keeps boasting about? And what does it mean for me and my child?   
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The Ergo Baby Carrier Has it All - Almost
Nowadays, multi-tasking is at its prime. There are so many things to get done and only so many hours in a day to do them. What better way to have your hands free, while still spending close, quality time with your baby, than to use a baby carrier?   
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